"Alright the passport idea is kinda cool as F***! Definitely one of the coolest things I've got from a vendor party."

- Luke Tucker's Article: "RSA stands for Really Sweet Activities

The 2017 Annual RSA Backdoor Party,  by HackerOne and Bateman Group is a tech security conference mixer where "...hackers can be hackers, and reporters can be lazy."

Our second year doing this party we ran with the Cold War theme. From American pop songs in foreign languages to classic spy film clips, themed menus with special cocktails, we even tossed out special dossiers and issued custom handmade faux leather passports. To obtain the passport guests were given a special magnetic key which unlocked a secret box at a drop point in the back of the bar. Inside was a Russian nesting doll with a secret that needed decoding. With the right password they ordered a secret drink and got their instant photo taken.