"We explore very unknown territories with our programs so having trusted partners like Foma Labs helps facilitate seamless and integrated executions that help drive successful results."

- Shanna ParraSR Marketing Manager, PepsiCo Creator LAB 

The Boutique Sensorium was a part of PepsiCo's Creator 2016 Milan Design Week. In collaboration with Kulturehaus and A Razor/A Shiny Knife, we performed narrative design tying together five culinary themed technological activations, produced by Foodable & Issac Kelly, Foodini, Lumenal Code, Kat Meler, and Josh Goldbard, and world class cuisine by Chefs Stephen Khalil & Jody Denton. Additionally, we directed the on site immersive theatrics in which all of this lived for a 2 hour show for 100 Trendsetters & Influencers and C-level Executives of Fortune 500 Companies.