...Surprises at every turn. The only requirement was a willingness to embrace the unknown.  - SF WEEKLY

On an April night in the mid 1940’s, The Management of a grand and mysterious hotel in San Francisco invited a set of mystical arts practitioners to a gala, to unwittingly take part in a metaphysical experiment. Rumors have it that the event became unhinged from time itself…

Fri 21 & Sat 22 April 2017 at The Laundry

Obfuscia: Déjà Vu


Free roaming exploration of immersive art and performance, brought to life by a large and talented cast of local artists, technomancers, psychics, performers, and alchemists. Come have a drink, meet a ghost, have your mind/aura/cards read, or have many more otherworldly experiences.

All guests are encouraged to dress in evening wear that is classic, formal, timeless, and open to interpretation. Here’s a link to some inspiration, if you would like some: Lookbook

Once you have RSVP'd, Once you have RSVP'd to prepare yourself for the evening we encourage you to call the concierge: 415-769-3790


"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." Bokonon, Chapter 31