On an April night in the mid 1940’s, The Management of a grand and mysterious hotel in San Francisco invited a set of mystical arts practitioners to a gala, to unwittingly take part in a metaphysical experiment. Rumors have it that the event became unhinged from time itself…

APRIL 1ST 2017   The Battery  San Francisco

The Obfuscia Hotel

An Immersive Theatrical Event by Foma Labs

Free roaming exploration of immersive art and performance, brought to life by a large and talented cast of local artists, technomancers, psychics, performers, and alchemists. Come have a drink, meet a ghost, have your mind/aura/cards read, or have many more otherworldly experiences.

"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." Bokonon, Chapter 31

Tickets (can be purchased by Battery Members only.)

Once you have RSVP'd, call the concierge and tell us a story...415-769-3790