"They produced an engaging and interactive party our guests can't stop talking about. We can't wait until our next collaboration!"
- Elinor Mills, VP Content Studio, Bateman Group

The 2016 Annual RSA Backdoor Party, sponsored by Bateman Group and HackerOne was a tech security conference mixer where "...hackers can be hackers, and reporters can be lazy."

From the enhanced ambiance with custom built electronic fireflies by Issac Kelly, to curated music and hacker movie clips, and with themed menus and special cocktails, we designed the mixer to have something for everyone. For those that were not sated by any of that, a drink with a secret name led to a game, featuring a land line telephone, clue hunting on a wall decorated with cassette tapes, solving a puzzle with parts of decor, and for those who solved it...a special drink and a "bug"of their own.