"...Surprises at every turn. The only requirement was a willingness to embrace the unknown."


The Obfuscia welcomed nearly 1000 guests over 3 nights in April 2017. The event was an ephemeral amusement park with immersive theatrics, interactive art, and a bit of magic around every corner. We wrote the narrative backstory, curated an amazing crew of artists, and conducted the manifestation of this inter-dimensional hotel. One can never know exactly when or where the Obfuscia will reappear but rest assured that at some point it will return.  

Show Runners Myles Blake & EJ Harkness  

Production assistance Melanie Findley & Alexis Meisels

Memory Palace Andy Lemons

Magic & Mentalism Andrew Evans

The Lady & The Stone Oliver Blank & Asha Jimenez  

Alchemy Haley Samas Berry & Nathan Maxwell Cann

The Edible Orchestra by Rich Trapani with Olia Pospelova, Jamie Schwettmann

Pythia The Oracle Kat Meler with Jericha Senyak, Issac Kelly, Dexter Lohnes & Justin Oliphant

Spectral Photos Tyler Heibeck, Samuel Shaw, Sarah Rosenberg, Sig Hafstrom, Giuliana Funkhouser  

Concierge Michelle Josette Crashette with Christopher Gray, Kirsten Hove, Laurel Karr, Brad Burchill, Randall Leeds

The Spiritualist Society for the Untangling of the Veil: A Seance Jess Kandus, Danny Botello, Riley Davidson, Desiree Tienturier AlSabbagh, Elizabeth Grey, Joey Haney  

Terrafuse Music Collective Dillon Arismendi, Jonathan Belen, Zach Zunino, Ray Sullivan, Kris Hall, Daniil Mistulov, Jennifer Alvarez, Jennifer McGruder, Fifi Huang  

Readings Whisper Cones by Danielle Brandon • Spirit Board by Katori Knight with Lastarla “Star” Baker • Palmistry by Martha Fehrman • Reiki by Treigh Love • Mind Mirror by Richie Rhombus • Psychics Danielle Brandon, Bernardo Taracevicz, Asmma Rashid, Doug Freeman, Jennifer Sylva, Terris Guell, Heidi Ostroff, Laurel Hodge  

Sylvan Echoes by The Living Room Collective Min Yoon, Aaron Wynn, Alex Kryzanowski, Albert Kong, Michael Katsevman, Justin Tang, and Jessica Lachenal, with Crystal Titus, Tiana Hanson, Max Edmands, Kathryn Stein, Eric Thurston, Jessica Anderson, John “Seg” Seggerson, Yoshi Murai, Ross Sigworth, Andrew Lowe, Thomas Lotze, Paige Saez, Taylor Blair, Noah Swartz, Laura Turiano, Sam Haynor, Christina Tran, Danielle Baskin, Ram Gaynor, Shannah Mulman, Alli Hornstein, Ben Yang, Tara Sullivan, Christina Tran, William Lindner III, Jan van der Lugt, Norna Ross, Shuai Chen, Kathryn Stein, Ellen Boener, Michael Alan Huff, JP Polin, Liam Collier, Justin Oliphant  

Hotel Staff Dori Daniels, Alyssa Jolene, Casey Selden, David Beckley, Avi Dunn, Alyssa Arismendi, Russel Sprouts,Casey Selden, Kurt Hickman, David Beckley, Leanne Kelly, Sam Haynor, Keywan Tafteh, Ella Spencer, Steve Boyle, Danae Havice-Hull, Ilaria Varriale, Hannah Shulman • Usherettes Loa & Fur • Mara Alyssa Young • Psychic Pivot Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez • Investigations Zhyliana Garcia • The Lawyer Jaymie Parkkinen

Special Thanks Joanna Nastos, Stacy Horne, Cynthia Boedihardjo, Jeff Jureller & Andrew SwerdloW

Photos Bill Gies  Video Danger Charles & Justin Oliphant

And a special thanks to everyone who helped but was not mentioned above.


"We explore very unknown territories with our programs so having trusted partners like Foma Labs helps facilitate seamless and integrated executions that help drive successful results."

- Shanna ParraSR Marketing Manager, PepsiCo Creator LAB 

The Boutique Sensorium was a part of PepsiCo's Creator 2016 Milan Design Week. In collaboration with Kulturehaus and A Razor/A Shiny Knife, we performed narrative design tying together five culinary themed technological activations, produced by Foodable & Issac Kelly, Foodini, Lumenal Code, Kat Meler, and Josh Goldbard, and world class cuisine by Chefs Stephen Khalil & Jody Denton. Additionally, we directed the on site immersive theatrics in which all of this lived for a 2 hour show for 100 Trendsetters & Influencers and C-level Executives of Fortune 500 Companies.

"Alright the passport idea is kinda cool as F***! Definitely one of the coolest things I've got from a vendor party."

- Luke Tucker's Article: "RSA stands for Really Sweet Activities

The 2017 Annual RSA Backdoor Party,  by HackerOne and Bateman Group is a tech security conference mixer where "...hackers can be hackers, and reporters can be lazy."

Our second year doing this party we ran with the Cold War theme. From American pop songs in foreign languages to classic spy film clips, themed menus with special cocktails, we even tossed out special dossiers and issued custom handmade faux leather passports. To obtain the passport guests were given a special magnetic key which unlocked a secret box at a drop point in the back of the bar. Inside was a Russian nesting doll with a secret that needed decoding. With the right password they ordered a secret drink and got their instant photo taken. 

"From a curiously playful introduction a fascinating journey unfolds as old memories are uncovered and new memories are made on the streets and secret places of San Francisco."

- Oliver BlankArtist & composer/Designer and philanthropy at Google.org .

This immersive narrative walk takes you on a journey through the personal histories of captivating characters… Learn the story of Charlie, a mechanical toy builder, as you play with the antiques of the beloved Playland at the Beach, and venture into the Beat Generation.You will be making your way around finding secrets, guided by a radio drama audio track, and discovering the story of a character that moves through the real history of San Francisco.




"All of a sudden, weird details acquired a significance. We weren't participants, we were creators of our own labyrinthine experience."

- Michael Morgenstern, Filmmaker

The Butterstroke Method was an interactive art installation we designed and produced for Take 3 Presents. Take 3 Presents produces private immersive art, music, and theater events in the San Francisco Bay Area. The event serves as a real-world social entertainment platform, fostering connection amongst participants through creative play.

Participants were prompted by glowing lanterns, discovered dead drops under various animal sculptures, decoded messages with book ciphers, earned magical keys and treasure maps, peered into narrative dioramas, and achieved enlightenment in an automated shed in the woods. Just your run of the mill mind-blowing fun. 

"It was a promise that no, you didn’t miss the boat. Quick, jump on. This space is just for you. Your adventure is about to begin."

The Latitude was a city-spanning immersive narrative experience that employed automated environments, live events, participant-generated content curation, and much more. It was all wrapped up into an experience that created bonds that continue to live far beyond the project itself.

"The project and creative direction was in such capable hands, that I could sit back and know that every facet of the design was tracked and accounted for. Their concepts and visions were so bold and well-thought out, that I found myself in awe."

The game is one dimension of Spencer McCall's enigmatic film, The Esquire. After viewing the movie, the puzzle unfolds by interacting with an illustrated card, hand drawn by artist Emily Fromm, with some design consultation by graphic designer Daniel Schrimshire.

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photos and art by Alessandro Garofalo,Tom Bishop, Amanda LaneBill Gies, davidope